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2D Drawing View Creation Types

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There are 3 different types of views available in the 2D drawing environment.
Quick, Draft, and Precise. Each type has benefits that fit certain situations.


Extremely fast drawing creation and updates. Recommended for general design work with larger assemblies. Shaded view representation and creations will be faster in this mode as well.

Due to the performance and the generation using the raster creation, some edge issues may be present (example: Silhouette edges may not be shown correctly). Zoom in and out will update this edges and print should be better than general interaction viewing. Since the raster image needs updated during Interaction (camera operations), interaction will be slightly slower than draft or precise modes.


Used for most drawing creation.  Offers fast drawing creation in general and the results are based on the facet model representation. The result is better than quick views since the data is projected to 2D curve elements.

View creation and updates can become slow when dealing with large sets of data or large faceted models (example: large assemblies containing over 1000 unique parts). Recommendation is to use Quick for general fast creation and updates with larger models, then use draft and precise for more accurate representations when needed.


Very accurate curve representations (true curve creation for splines, arc, circles, and ellipse elements). Use if the default draft mode is not producing clean drawing views or you need to have accurate representation in the detail layout design. Normally use this mode when exporting to downstream processes or when the detail design is complete. Note: This mode is necessary for Edit View Curves Command.

View creation and updates can be slow depending on the geometry.

This tutorial uses the Mechanical Add-on, click here to download it.
This tutorial requires the MultiPhysics Add-on, click here to download it.
Download the 3D files used in this course
This tutorial requires the KeyShot Add-on, click here to download it.
Click here to download the tutorial files used in these examples.
Download the 3D files used in this course
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2D Drawing View Creation Types