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Editing Sheet Metal Stock Table or Tool Table

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Editing The Tool Table List:

Although a wide variety of default tools and materials are available for designing sheet metal parts, you may require custom tools or materials.  You can create custom punches and stamps on a part-by-part basis using the tooling properties.  However, if you need custom tools or materials on a regular basis, you have the option of editing existing ones or creating new ones to meet your individual requirements.  This process is accomplished through the Tools Table.

The Tools Table is a data file that specifies the parameters used to define specific sheet metal tools/sheet metal stock types and is located in the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\IronCAD\IRONCAD\xx.0\en-us\SheetMetal directory.  Locate "tooltbl.txt."  Open the file to display the contents of the Tools Table.

Note: There is a Metric European and US file in the C:\Program Files\IronCAD\Versino#\AppData\en-us\SheetMetal folder as well. If you wish to use these, rename them to tooltbl.txt and copy it to the C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\IronCAD\IRONCAD\xx.0\en-us\SheetMetal folder . Loading old files will use this table versus the original one used in the design.

It is important to read through the section at the beginning of the file to understand the format used in editing or adding to default tools and materials.  This format must be followed in order to ensure proper functioning of items edited or added to the table.  Also included at the end of this section are the units used for both English and metric sizing.

As you browse through the remainder of the file’s contents, you will notice that the parameters for default punch and stamp sheet metal shape types are defined in the table.  If you move to the end of the file, you will find the parameters for the sheet metal stock material included.

Before making any changes or additions, it is a good idea to make a copy of the Tools Table file.  One suggestion is to save it with the same name and a .bak extension.  As you make your edits in the original file, this backup will ensure that no information will be lost if something is accidentally deleted or changed in the original.  Once all changes and/or additions have been completed, save and close the file.  To activate the new settings, you must first exit the software, if it is running, and then restart the application.  Your custom tools and materials will then be displayed in the list of defaults available for creating sheet metal stock and stamp/punch shapes.

Editing The Stock Table List:

The Sheet Metal material stock table can be edited in Options/Sheet Metal/Stock. Use the Add, Edit and Remove buttons to edit the material list. The stock table data is stored in the file listed at the bottom of the Options/Sheet Metal/Stock dialog.

Also, the Stocktbl.txt can be placed on a network location and sourced from there.  Just copy the Stocktbl.txt to the network location, click the "..." file open button at the bottom right of the Options/Sheet Metal/Stock dialog, then browse to the network location of the Stocktbl.txt file.

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Editing Sheet Metal Stock Table or Tool Table