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Printing 2D Drawings (Paper or PDF)

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Printing a drawing is the same as printing a 3D part or scene file, except that there are more options on the Print dialog box for a drawing:

  • Raster or Vector based on sheet contents. This will use the contents in the drawing to determine if the sheet printed should use raster or vector.
  • Vector printing.  This is the default setting.  Vector printing/plotting includes line properties.  Use this option to include hidden lines when printing.
  • Raster.  This option does not support line properties.  Use this option when minimum lines are adequate in printing.
  • Print to File. Select this option to print the selected drawing to a file that can be determined based on the printer selected.

Although the following options do appear on the Print dialog box for a scene/part file, their application differs slightly for drawings:

  • Use printer settings.  Uses the current printer settings.
  • Use default settings.  Limits the resolution to 310 for drawings.
  • Use draft quality settings.  Limits resolution to 50 for drawings.
  • Print Range. Use these options to select the pages to be printed in the current drawing.
  • All. Prints all sheet in the drawing.
  • Current Page. Select this option to print the current page/sheet in the drawing.
  • Selection.  Select this option to print the selected items on the current page of the drawing.
  • Pages.  Use this option to specify a range of pages to print in the drawing. Enter page numbers and/or page ranges separated by commas. For Example: 1,3,5-12
  • Technical Drawing Options. Use these options to display options in the printed file that may or may not exist in the current drawing view.
  • Scale to fit printed page.  This option will scale the drawing to fit the selected paper size in the printer properties.
  • Use zero-width line.  Select this option change the thickness of drawing elements to use the specified thickness in the drawing or use the zero-width thickness.
  • Print drawing/scene out-of-sync indicators.  This option allows the printing of the out-of-sync drawing borders on views/BOM if desired.
  • Print window area.  This option prints the geometry in the drawing as seen from the current viewing window on your monitor.
  • Print Black and White. Select this option to print the elements black and white and override the element color settings. Shaded views will be ignored or printed in grey scale.
  • Copies. Specify the number of copies of the printed file to create.
This tutorial uses the Mechanical Add-on, click here to download it.
This tutorial requires the MultiPhysics Add-on, click here to download it.
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This tutorial requires the KeyShot Add-on, click here to download it.
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Printing 2D Drawings (Paper or PDF)