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Training 19 | Stirling Engine (2/24)

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Training 20 | Stirling Engine (3/24)

IRONCAD was from the very first version made with Windows object based menus, which means that every type of "object" has its own menu and function. From parts, assemblies to features, tool icons and the 3D scene background - everything has its own adjustable property. This also means that much of this can be reached by a shortcut command on your keyboard.

Here you will find an overview of the available shortcut key commands in IRONCAD, which is very useful and can make much of the every day work work smoother.

This tutorial uses the Mechanical Add-on, click here to download it.
This tutorial requires the MultiPhysics Add-on, click here to download it.
Download the 3D files used in this course
This tutorial requires the KeyShot Add-on, click here to download it.
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Training 19 | Stirling Engine (2/24)