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Stamp / Form / Punch Shapes in Sheet Metal

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Stamp IntelliShapes are added to a sheet metal part to deform existing stock, while the purpose of Punch IntelliShapes is to remove material from existing stock or bends. When either type of shape is added to sheet metal parts/shapes, constraints are automatically displayed, by default, between the new shape and the nearest two edges of the shape to which it is added. To disable this display, select Options from the Tools menu, select the Sheet Metal tab, and deselect the "Create punch and forming constraints" option from the Constraints options at the lower right. If constraints will be displayed on stamp/punch shapes, an Edit Value dialog box on drop of these shapes can be specified to precisely define/lock these constraints. To do so, select "Display constraint dialog after drop of punch and forming shapes" and an Edit Value dialog box will be displayed for all subsequent stamp/punch shapes dropped onto a sheet metal shape/part.

Stamp/punch shapes have an editing system specific to sheet metal design, using buttons to toggle through predefined default shapes to select an alternate size.  Of course, the default shapes may not always meet your needs and, for that reason, the Tooling Properties sheet is available for specifying custom alternatives for particular situations and for viewing the precise values of selected tools.  You can also edit or add to the available default options.

To access the Tooling Properties, right-click on the stamp or punch shape at the IntelliShape editing level and select Tooling Properties from the resulting pop-up menu.  You can also access the Tooling Properties by right clicking on the sizing buttons at the IntelliShape editing level.

This dialog box displays all the parameters for the default shapes included for the selected shape.  These are the same shapes that are accessed with the arrow editing buttons.  The items appear on the list in the same order that they are toggled through when using the up and down arrow buttons.  As you use the scroll bar to browse the entire list, you will see that one of the selections is highlighted.  This is the option currently applied to the selected shape.

At the bottom of the dialog box is an option for creating a custom size for the shape.  You can define a shape by entering alternate values in the available fields and then apply it immediately to the shape by selecting OK.  However, once a custom stamp or punch shape has been created and applied, the editing buttons are deactivated until a default size is once again applied from the Tooling Properties list.

Adding Punch Shapes To Bend/Curved Shapes

Punch shapes can be added to bend/curved shapes.  However, the desired result of the punch must be considered when positioning the shape.  Punch shapes that are dragged from the catalog and released on a point on a stock shape connected to the bend will be centered on that point.

However, punch shapes released at any point on the bend shape itself will be centered on the curve of the bend, as indicated by the green center dot shown when hovering over the bend.

NOTE:  Stock type can be changed after creation of sheet metal parts on the Sheet Metal part properties sheet.

Punch shapes can be positioned on bend/curved shapes either relative to the folded state of the bend/curve or relative to its flat state. To change the current default positioning behavior, select Options from the Tools menu and select the Sheet Metal tab. Click the Advanced Options button and, under Punch Positioning Mode, select/deselect "New punch-on-bend features are positioned with respect to the flat" and click OK and OK again. From that point on, punch shapes will be positioned relative to the newly specified state of the bend/curved shape to which it is applied.

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Stamp / Form / Punch Shapes in Sheet Metal